Barbershop Harmony Chorus
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John Mayo

We are all busy preparing to attend the Spanish Barbershop convention in April next year. Early booking of flights essential and looking at options for hotels and even apartments for those who are able to stay on and make a holiday out of it.

Songs are chosen and work has commenced on those and we are currently trying to book a guest Director to work with us on them. Everyone is getting excited!

We are singing at the Oxford Music Festival in February to give the “package” an airing
We are looking forward to meeting an American mixed chorus who are coming over next June to do some sight seeing and singing. It will make an interesting evening if some of our neighbouring chorus’ can come along and swell the numbers as well as being a great opportunity to have a good sing and maybe even a beer or two!!

Our MD Shanna Wells has returned from her exciting trip to Harmony University in America with renewed enthusiasum and loads of new ideas and things we can all do to improve the unity of sound in our small chorus. It has already made a difference so hopefully it will all aid a great result at SABS

We are looking forward to getting back to full strength now the holiday season is behind us
We would be delighted to see you at one of our events so feel free to contact us and come to hear us or join in with us at a rehearsal or you can come along and support one of the many fund raising evenings that we perform at.

Who would have thought that after leaving our rehearsal last night the venue would be struck by lightning the next day and be burned down, but that is what has happened… A storm with hailstones the size of marbles passed through Oxfordshire and the 20-20 Cricket club was hit around 2:00pm today (28th March)

2020 club

As well as all the cricket trophies and memorabilia from our hosts, we have lost all our music files,  risers, and our rehearsal venue, with only a few weeks to go before the BABS convention.

Appeals for a venue and risers have been made on social media and the response has been amazingly positive and gratefully received.

We are looking at all the offers and will announce short-term venues in due course. Follow 5Ways on Facebook by clicking on the link on the right -hand side of the page for the latest news.

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